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3 Powerful Ways to be a Positive Influencer

Entrepreneurs are positive influencers
How much INFLUENCE do you have on the world around you?

As a leader, could you positively influence ONE person and possibly change the world?

Did you know that 1 NEGATIVE influencer impacts 10 others
1 POSITIVE influencer impacts 4 others?

It’s no wonder our world seems to be upside down!

As the owner of your organization, YOU have the power to be a POSITIVE INFLUENCER.
You can make an enormous INFLUENCE on those associated with your business including employees, customers, vendors,colleagues, and thousands more!

And YOU could possibly change the World!

3 Powerful Ways to be a Positive Influencer

  1. Show mutual respect 
    As a Powerful Leader, the mutual respect you show and give to others is critical to a thriving workplace.  Respect from top leadership instills trust and loyalty and becomes contagious among the work force.  As a result, productivity and a sense of ownership increases. In the book Pour Your Heart Into It, by Howard Schultz, the Chairman and CEO of Starbucks, their mission statement includes, “Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.”
  2. Recognize Everyone’s Value
    Everyone within your organization has a unique mission to fulfill.  Collectively, everyone’s skill and talent join together to form your great organization. Therefore, no one individual should be valued higher than the other.  Recognizing the importance of ALL talent within your organization results in an attitude of appreciation and gratefulness. A token to remember is “An organization  is only as good as the people who work within it.”
  3. Keep a Servant’s Heart 
    As the leader of your organization, you are responsible for the well-being of those who work for you. You are the “head of the family”, so to speak, and therefore set the limits, boundaries, rules, and tone of the work environment. When you esteem others and their needs above your own you create a caring environment. Genuine concern for the well being of others results in relationships. In his book, Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek states, “A leader who takes care of their people and stays focused on the well-being of the organization can never fail.” At the end of the day, the manner in which a leader makes one feel is irreplaceable.

Provoking Questions for Discussion within your organization:

  • How are you creating an environment of mutual respect and order for one another?
    What changes do you need to make in order to create a respectful, peaceful and orderly workplace?
  • How are you allowing others to shine in their unique abilities and talents?
  • What procedures can you set in place to positively acknowledge the talents of your employees?
  • What unrealistic or unreasonable expectations are being placed on others?
  • How can you ensure that everyone in your organization feels valued regardless of their position on the organizational chart?

Commit today to be A Powerful Positive Influencer in your World and Watch the Change!!!

Make it a Great Day!

Robbin McCullen, Your Venture Coach and Biggest Fan

Your Venture Coach & Biggest Fan

P.S. This can be applied to your personal life as well!


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