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8 Positive Resolutions for 2019

positive resolutions

It’s a New Year!

Which means

a new beginning,

a new set of goals,

and a new start.

But starting anything new can be overwhelming!

And failing at another New Year’s resolution is just plain frustrating!

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I have prepared a list of 8 positive ways to help you think in a new direction this year.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

OMG! I feel like everyone is succeeding and reaching their goals but me! Sound familiar?

When you compare yourself to others you will always find those who are doing better than you. Instead, recognize this negative mindset and replace it with positive thoughts. Embrace the talents, skills, gifts, and relationships you are blessed with. Let go of ALL the negative comparisons. It does nothing but bring you down and cause discouragement.

Incorporate Joy into your Life!

2. Incorporate Joy into your Life!

This world is full of unhappiness, poverty, sadness and loss!  And living your daily life in the dulls and dreads of the world is a waste of valuable time!
Start a habit of doing 3 things daily that bring you joy and happiness.
Incorporate a little time each day working on a hobby you love, calling a dear friend, going on a long walk, or skyping a distant grandchild. Allow yourself to enjoy those small things in life that bring a smile to your face. Block out space on your calendar for those enjoyable times. Picture the JOY that will come to your life while doing them.

Embrace what you Love.

3. Embrace what you Love.

Working in a job that is unfulfilling and demanding can cause frustration. And can also lead you to burnout and rash decision-making.
In the year ahead, allow yourself to embrace and love what you do, both in your career and in your life. Find that particular area where you can be the authentic and real you.

Clear out the negative connections.

4. Clear out the negative connections.

Did you know that one negative person can affect ten people while one positive person can affect 4?

What you read, follow, and listen to affects your thinking and mood. Connect to uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring people both in real life and on social media. Rid yourself of the toxic people that speak negatively into your life.

Take a Risk.

5. Take a Risk.

Taking a risk can be challenging! And stepping outside your comfort zone can be downright SCARY!
In the year ahead, push yourself to be adventurous. Do something that is outside of your comfort zone and makes you fearful. Doing something scary stretches and builds your confidence once you’ve accomplished it.


6. Relax!

Stress can impact your immune system and accelerate certain illnesses and disease!
Incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily living. This could include yoga, breathing exercises, or taking walking breaks in between appointments. Plan those relaxing activities by building them into your calendar each day.

Applaud yourself.

7. Applaud yourself.

We are our biggest enemy! We are our worst critic!
Commit to patting yourself on the back and telling yourself how great you are several times daily. Envision your best self both inside and out. Look at yourself in the mirror and speak positive comments to yourself as if someone else were talking to you. Do not allow negative thoughts or words to speak to you.

Stand up straight and tall.
8. Stand up straight and tall.

Poor posture is the first sign of insecurity. And not looking people in the eye is pretty annoying!
Stand tall with good posture to show your confidence. Imagine a string at the top of your head pulling up on your head, neck and entire body. First impressions speak volumes when interviewing and meeting new customers. Look people in the eye and smile!

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Robbin McCullen, Your Venture Coach and Biggest Fan

Your Venture Coach & Biggest Fan


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