About The Venture Coach

Knowledge is everything and hard work is the king!

Robbin McCullen is the Chief Executive Officer for Venture Coaching. More importantly, she is a first time “Glam-ma!” Whether she is coaching an entrepreneur or whispering words to her grand-daughter, Robbin gently insists that the future is a God-given responsibility to co-create a successful life venture.

Robbin believes that you must believe in your talents and gifts and put them to work in the world.

After overseeing 25 years of daily operations of her Certified Woman-Owned Business, Robbin knows what it takes to turn a dream into done! With her husband, Jimmy, Metro Woodcrafter, Inc. was created with pure determination and drive. Together they organized, promoted, and maintained a business that ultimately earned them their financial freedom. Not surprisingly, simultaneously, Robbin juggled the responsibilities of raising two children who are on the road to success. She knows the sacrifice and the sweetness of having an entrepreneurial spirit.

Robbin attributes her business savvy to her dad, Hershell Porter. He left an amazing legacy that she reflects on daily. Through his spirited example, Robbin learned that excellence, morals, and a rock solid work ethic create positive outcomes. Just like dad, she loves to learn, take risks, and inspire others.

Robbin is a vocationally trained accountant with a degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her role as Chief Financial Officer at Metro Woodcrafter, Inc. schooled her in the art of being an entrepreneur. She understands the ins and outs of the financials, human resources, communication, and leadership.

As an honored “Who’s Who in Women Business” Robbin, can coach you on your venture. Trained as a certified SCORE Mentor to America’s Small Business, Robbin is equipped, eager, and enthusiastic about coaching entrepreneurs and individuals.

She will celebrate & support you each step of the way.