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“Business Journaling!”

Business Journaling

Hello, Venturepreneurs™!

Do you dread writing your BUSINESS PLAN?

Have you started writing your BUSINESS PLAN without success?

Let’s chat about a new way of approaching this task.

Let’s call it Business Journaling!

Business Journaling is solely sharing your ideas and passions with others through writing. This task should be EXCITING, EXHILARATING, and INTRIGUING!

Kickoff your Business Journaling by writing 15-30 minutes each day in a designated business notebook. As you are journaling, keep in mind that the one who will ultimately read your story knows nothing about you or your business. Think about this as you are journaling,  “If you could not speak, would those reading your journal for the first time have an exact picture of you and what your business represents? Of course, the more detail you draw, the better the image.  The better the image, the more successful the sale!

Journal during the day when your mind is fresh with creativity and distractions are at a minimum. Small writings eventually add up to a large story. Therefore, the seemingly daunting task becomes more achievable in small increments.

Don’t worry about keeping the story in any particular order. Answer one question or tackle one idea per page.You can re- position your pages after your story is complete.

It’s that easy!

Did you know that writing your thoughts down on paper, frees the mind space for other creative thoughts?

Start the ball rolling by journaling your answer to one powerful question each day such as:

  • How do you envision your business in one year (short term) and in ten years (long term)?
  • What problem is your business trying to solve?
  • How will your business solve the problem?
  • As the business owner, what characteristics or experience do you have to run this business and solve this problem?
  • How will you set up the tax structure of your business?
  • Where will you operate your business?
  • How will you pay for start-up costs?
  • What is the description of your ideal customer?
  • What makes your product or service stand out above all other companies?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What value will your product or service give your customers?
  • How will you determine your product or service pricing?
  • How will you reach your customers?
  • Who will you need on your team of professionals to help get you started?
  • What do your financial statements teach you about the condition of your business?
  • Will your business hire employees or independent contractors?

If you need additional help with your Business Journaling, reach out to me for more Powerful questions or assistance.

Make it a great day.

Robbin McCullen

Your Venture Coach and Biggest Fan


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