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What is a Business Model Canvas?

What is a business model canvas?

A Business Model Canvas is a new exciting way to plan your overall company strategy.

In 2008, Alexander Osterwalder created and inspired the canvas used by many successful businesses today.

What is a Business Model Canvas?

A Business Model Canvas is a simplified glance at your entire business on one page. Yes, one page!  It provides an overall picture of the company so one can analyze the manner in which different aspects of your business affect one another. The model consists of questions that are pertinent to business operations. The model breaks the entity into two distinct categories, the outside and inside view of the company.

Why do I need a Business Model Canvas?

A Business Model Canvas will ensure the business owner has a clear view and deep understanding of how individual parts work together as a whole entity. The model will explain the business concept to others with clarity and confidence. The model will help one write their overall business plan within an hour or two. (No more 50-page business plans to compose, no more elaborate details to write.) The model can be quickly revised and changed.  It enhances learning, reveals areas of challenge, and improves the overall clarity of strengths and weaknesses of the company operation. This model can be used in all business phases including business startup and growth phases.

Example questions on my free, downloadable Business Model Canvas template are:

  • Who will help grow the business?
  • How will the business grow?

These two questions provoke thoughts on who is needed outside and inside your business for it to grow. Examples of outside help may be experts, colleagues, and professional organizations. Examples of inside help may be employees, virtual assistants, and partners.

Additional questions ask about the financial portion of your planning such as:

  • What will you pay out?
  • What will you get and how?

These questions lead us to analyze expenses like start-up costs, marketing, and office supplies. Also, you will think through revenue streams and payments.

The Business Model Canvas is an outstanding tool to help get started with your business planning.

Grab your free download now!

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But having a written Vision, Mission, Goals, Avatar description, and an Executive Summary will take you one step deeper in getting a clear direction for your business.

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