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Do you function in a “World of I” or a “World of Them?”

Create A World of Them!

Hello, Venturepreneurs™!

Many entrepreneurs live in a selfish, immature world….. “The World of I.”

It sounds like this:

     I know what I want.  And I get what I want, when I want it.

As an entrepreneur, setting goals, reaching for the stars, and achieving your dream is a good thing.

However, the process in which you achieve those goals and dreams is an entirely different story.

As a business coach, I have an “outside-looking-in” opportunity. I see numerous entrepreneurs acquiring businesses they know little about, yet they still want the world.

Their initial lack of knowledge of the acquired business creates a dependence on others in order to get the job done. This dependence often comes with

a lack of gratitude and respect from the new owner.

When buying an existing business, an entrepreneur should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Can I communicate my vision clearly to my employees in a way that they buy-in to my vision and remain part of the “team”?
  • Do I genuinely care about forming relationships with my employees, vendors, customers, and others?
  • Do I have the ability and the desire to communicate to employees on all levels of the organizational chart?
  • Do I have the confidence and character to step out from the ” World of I” into the “World of Them?”
  • How do you create a world of them within the company?
    • WOW the first impression. The impression you make as the new owner will set the tone.
    • Be careful how you make others “feel.” Do they feel valued?
    • Create an  atmosphere that serves one another and you will see productivity, loyalty, trust, and profits emerge.

 Nurturing business relationships on the first day of ownership is key.

  • Begin each day with an attitude of gratitude.
  • Be thankful for the work your employees do for you and the business.
  • Ask yourself, “What do my employees need to be successful?” and “How can I serve my employees, so they are successful?”

Begin each day with an attitude of gratitude.

Become an Entrepreneur who exists in a World of Them, not a World of I!

Make it a great day.

Robbin McCullen

Your Venture Coach and Biggest Fan

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