Entrepreneurial Start-Up 101 E-Book

Clearly Stating Your Purpose, Direction, and Goals

Entrepreneurial Start-Up 101 E-Book

Without running in circles Wasting Time, Effort, and Money!

Sick of feeling scared to take a leap out into the business world?

Feeling a cloud of doubt hovering over you when you think about your business plan?

Oh Yeah! Shout it from the Rooftop! Me too!

Is there anyone out there who could help you through the process, step-by-step without costing you an arm and a leg and taking up your valuable time?

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ONLY $19.97

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I’m Robbin McCullen. When I ventured out on my own in business I was sooooooo nervous and wasn’t sure I could ever run a successful business. But I started intentionally making plans.

In this E-book , I will teach you the 7 Easy steps I used to build my multi-million dollar business.

In this E-book, you will learn how to:

  • Verify the Vision by determining who will help you build your business and how.
  • Mark Your Mission by declaring what beliefs, values, and skills you have to run your business.
  • Set Your Targets by identifying how you will grow your business.
  • Create your Customer by deciding who you will provide help to.
  • Identify your Customer Needs by discovering why your customer needs your help.
  • Nurture your Customer Needs by providing a solution and establishing your brand.
  • State Your Summary by condensing your answers in a short statement.
  • Use the Business Model Canvas template to create a visual blueprint.

You are Closer than Ever to Turning Your Dream to Done!

I hear ya! I’m in!

ONLY $19.97

Buy Now Entrepreneurial Start-Up 101 E-Book https://venturecoaching.mykajabi.com/pl/26633
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TestimonialHeather Wyatt, Solidus Bookkeeping and Consulting

“I really like the Entrepreneurial Start-Up 101 E-Book. It makes creating a business plan not feel as overwhelming. This plan makes me feel like I can actually come up with a decent plan for Solidus. I really love your motto of “You don’t have to be an expert writer to do this! You don’t have to have an eye for perfection in grammar, tone or spelling. Simply tell your story like it is. Be Real. Be Authentic. Be You” ~ Heather Wyatt, Solidus Bookkeeping and Consulting

Lisa Barnett, Internet Marketing Coach

“It was time for me to re-brand and look at my business model as I had progressed in my business and developed new skills and services to better help my clients. Having Robbin’s Entrepreneurial Start-Up 101 E-Book has given me the tools to really look at my business, dream big, and have a vision for the success I want to achieve. Thanks Robbin for this easy to work with format and your business coaching to help me think bigger!!” ~ Lisa Barnett, Barnett Websites, Inspired Marketing

You Will Be Getting:

  • 7 Fillable and Downloadable Modules with exercises and graphics
  • Business Model Canvas template
  • 30-minute one- on-one business coaching session with Robbin McCullen
  • Access to a Private FaceBook Group with other successful, like-minded entrepreneurs and frequent Q & A with Robbin McCullen
  • Personalized Cover page template for your Business Plan
  • Additional tips, resources, and links
  • Invitations to podcasts and webinars by Robbin McCullen

Robbin McCullen Venture Coaching

Who is Robbin McCullen and Why Should You listen to me?

  • I started, grew, and sold a multi-million dollar business in a man’s world of construction,
  • While working with my husband, raising children, working remotely, volunteering, managing a household and
  • Overseeing more than 40 employees and subcontractors.
  • I negotiated, sold, and retired from that business!
  • Using the same strategies in operating my multimillion dollar business,
  • I teach new and existing entrepreneurs, and individuals going through career changes, how to turn confusion into clarity and dreams into done.

Remember, you will get to ask me any questions in the Private Facebook Group and in our Free 30-minute Coaching session.


Oh Yeah! I want to Purchase the E-Book!

ONLY $19.97

Buy Now Entrepreneurial Start-Up 101 E-Book https://venturecoaching.mykajabi.com/pl/26633
I will not be offering this E-book forever at this low price, so grab your copy and get ahead of your competitors by making your plans NOW! You do not want to miss getting access to this content at this low price.

If you are thinking about starting business, already in business, or in the process of growing your business, NOW is the time to STOP putting out fires or chasing the next big thing!


What is a plan?

*A Roadmap * A Document * Answers * A Blueprint

* An Internal View * An External Plan * A Model


You have no clue where to begin.

You want to inspire others with your vision.

You don’t want to waste more time, effort, and money.

You want to create the income you deserve.

You want to avoid unnecessary bumps and bruises.

You want to target short-term and long-term goals.

You want to understand daily challenges.

You want to discover your ideal customers.

You want to develop active steps.

You want to specify your client’s needs.

You want to clarify your dreams.

You want to set yourself apart from your competitors.

You want to clearly see the risks.


Oh Yeah! 



ONLY $19.97

Buy Now Entrepreneurial Start-Up 101 E-Book https://venturecoaching.mykajabi.com/pl/26633
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