How It Works

Make your dreams happen!

Coaching is a powerful partnership. It is a distinct experience that will move you toward your dreams. It is a focused effort to set goals, create outcomes, and manage personal change. Robbin’s intention, as your coach, is to help you see your potential…and act on it!

Through strategic planning, together, you’ll develop a plan that you can believe in.

In addition, you’ll be supported through frequent check-ins celebrating your progress.

Robbin engages clients in three ways:

  • Meet Face to Face
  • Engage through a Recorded Teleconference Call
  • Zoom Video Conferencing

“Fit” is essential in a coaching partnership. Robbin offers a a Free Thirty Minute Session to ensure there is positive synergy for the venture ahead. Simply pick up the phone and call Robbin at 1-704-201-7961 or Contact her here.

Robbin will answer your questions about:

  • Cost
  • Coaching Sessions Length and Number
  • And Other Considerations.

After your initial call, Robbin will schedule your first session at your request and obtain payment.  Venture Coaching accepts payments via PayPal, corporate check and all major credit cards. Next, you will be set up on your very own Venture Basecamp. Using project management software, Robbin will create a safe place for you to begin, document your progress, and stay organized.

Before the first session, you receive the Venture Coaching Agreement and Discovery Document. These forms create the initial bonds of the coaching partnership. You’ll learn about yourself, begin to articulate your ordained venture, and offer Robbin ideas about how she can serve you best.

Over the course of your coaching process, Robbin will believe, support and celebrate you every step of the venture.

Schedule Your FREE 30 minute Coaching Session.