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What lessons can be learned from Charlotte’s Web?

Lessons from Charlotte's Web

Hello, Venturepreneurs™!

Nature can teach us valuable lessons about life and business.

I live on a lake that contains and attracts a lot of creatures.
One morning on my dock I saw the prettiest and biggest spider web.
I am not fond of spiders but this creation was BEAUTIFUL.

As entrepreneurs, we can learn lessons from the web that “Charlotte” wove and apply it to our business planning and operations.

Charlotte was born with a God-given SKILL and talent.
She used those qualities to create and design a beautiful and successful project.
One look at the details of Charlotte’s web can teach the entrepreneur the importance of honing in on your God-given skills and talents and implementing them into a successful business.
Charlotte put her skills to work for her.

What skills and talents do you have that can be used in building your business?

And are you putting those skills to the best use?

lessons from nature

Obviously, Charlotte had EXPERIENCE building a web!
She knew from previous weaving that a web, 2 feet in width and height with a tight density, would adequately catch her prey.
As entrepreneurs, having experience in your field can alleviate the, sometimes costly, learning curve.
Gaining that experience before starting your business is important.
One way to gain this experience is to work an internship in your specific market.

Charlotte BRANDED her web by being bigger and better than her competitors.
In applying that concept to your business, it is essential to educate yourself and brand your business to stand out from the rest.
Remember Charlotte’s web was bigger and better!
What will your business branding be?

What value does your business bring to the customer?

For a spider and an entrepreneur, TIMING is everything.
Charlotte knew the importance of when to begin building her web;
not too early in the day for fear of being knocked down
and not too late in the day for fear of her competitors gaining ground.

Charlotte knew the detail of her design before she started.
Charlotte had a detailed BUSINESS PLAN in place!
In relation to building your business, market timing, knowing your competitors, and having a detailed business plan is crucial to the success of your business.

Finally, Charlotte understood the value of HARD WORK and dedication.
She had a vision and was on a mission.
She showed up to work everyday, took small, methodical and consistent steps toward her end goal.

In addition, to building a successful web, Charlotte built a beautiful masterpiece that IMPACTed those around her, including me! I can imagine her great sense of accomplishment as she admired her finished work.

lessons from nature

At the end of the day,

  • what achievements do you hope to accomplish?
  • who do you positively impact in your world?
  • how do you leave your world a more beautiful place?

Enjoy the nature in your neck of the woods!

Robbin McCullen, Your Venture Coach and Biggest Fan

Your Venture Coach & Biggest Fan

lessons from nature

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