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“Must Do’s” for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Must...
Hello, Venturepreneurs™!

The other night I simply could not go to sleep. My mind was racing with thoughts jumping all over the place. In my mind, I wrote and rewrote perfect, grammatically correct letters, notes, blogs, to-do lists, and much more until I couldn’t stand it any longer! Can anyone relate?

I thought of going to the fridge for a glass of milk (or better yet a chocolate chip cookie) but thought that might keep me awake even longer. Instead, I decided to grab my notepad and pencil and write down EVERYTHING that came to mind. The saying goes, “if you write down your thoughts, it frees your mind to think about new things.” I was hoping that included counting sheep!

So Venturepreneurs™, ….here it is!

Entrepreneurs Must…

  • embrace and tap into their own uniqueness
  • network and collaborate with other successful Entrepreneurs
  • sleep with a pen & notebook beside their bed
  • make a To-Do List every day
  • prioritize their tasks each day
  • be willing to eliminate things that do not work
  • be good at time management
  • make room for “me” time
  • be in a constant state of learning
  • celebrate the successes of others with gladness
  • speak positively into other Entrepreneur’s lives
  • encourage and lift others up
  • surround themselves with a team of professionals
  • have a couple of “Encouragement” partners
  • listen twice as much as they talk
  • be honest with themselves
  • reward themselves for hard work
  • turn-off negativity from other
  • allow themselves some time to be still, meditate, and pray
  • find a healthy balance between life and business
  • realize others will want to emulate them especially when they are successful
  • accept that there is only one You
  • accept criticism but never accept “No”
  • show everyone respect
  • always leave a relationship in a “well” condition
  • realize everyone crosses their path for a reason
  • never burn a bridge…. they may need to cross back over it someday in the future.

Download A FREE list of “Must Do’s for Entrepreneurs” in beautifully designed pin-ups written just for you at 3:00 am. I would love to hear back from you. Could you please share in the comments which one of these “Must-Do’s” you like the best? I also included some empty ones for you to fill in your own. ENJOY and Share this blog with your “Encouragement Partners!”

Make it a Great Day!

Robbin McCullen, Your Venture Coach and Biggest Fan

Your Venture Coach & Biggest Fan

PS. Please notice that one of your Must-Do’s is to always have a notepad and pencil beside your bed!

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