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Showcasing…..”Cherished by Chelsea Nichole”

Showcasing Cherished by Chelsea Nichole

Hello, Venturepreneurs™!

Venture Coaching is all about Believing, Supporting, and Celebrating New and Existing Entrepreneurs and their progress in starting and growing their businesses.

This week, I would like to showcase a client who has started a creative design business called
Cherished by Chelsea Nichole.

Chelsea came to the Venture Club out of the desire to encourage and inspire others, especially single mothers, raising young children, and working full time.

Chelsea has a burning desire to share her faith and love for family through design and art. She has a God-given, artistic talent and a creative vision. She puts those gifts, plus a little love into each product. And so can you!

Chelsea joined the Venture Club, a learning roundtable about entrepreneurship, to learn how to get started and expand her business.

Venture Club members join with a support system that believes in their business ideas and celebrates with them as they reach every accomplished goal!

We will believe, support, and celebrate with you!

While learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur, Chelsea began taking the small, steady steps towards accomplishing her dream, vision, and mission. And you can too!

Chelsea Nichole of "Cherished by Chelsea Nichole"Within five months, Chelsea had determined her short term attainable goals and had put them into action. Part of her progress included:

outlining her business dream
choosing a business name
designing a business logo
deciding on a business tax structure
registering her business
hiring a banker & establishing a business checking account
interviewing and hiring a CPA
determining product costs and pricing
understanding profitablity

Chelsea is off to a great start!

Are you ready to get started?

In addition, Chelsea has identified her target market. She features her design products on her Cherished by Chelsea Nichole Facebook page. Visit her to see a variety of her handmade products. She is now accepting and filling orders!

In the coming days, look for Cherished by Chelsea Nichole Instagram and Pinterest!

Chelsea is the classic example of a business owner using their God-given talents to bring value to others. What talents do you have that could be incorporated into a business?

Chelsea! Congratulations on reaching your dream and successfully launching your business…

Cherished by Chelsea Nichole

(Love that name!)

If you would like to learn more about the Venture Club or are interested in joining a casual, 6-series, roundtable session, email me at robbin@theventurecoach.com or visit my website at www.theventurecoach.com.

Make it a great day.

Robbin McCullen

Your Venture Coach and Biggest Fan

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