The Venture Club

The Venture Club

The Venture Club is for Entrepreneurs who live by this motto:

What is Life but One Grand Adventure!

The Venture Club is an excellent way to develop your business venture. In the group coaching setting not only will you develop your business objectives but in addition, you will:

  • Increase your Credibility
  • Hone your Expertise
  • Grow your Skills
  • And Build your Business Swiftly. 

In fact, Robbin insists that The Venture Club is a necessary step if you want to be seen as a leader in your area of expertise. Venture Club members often get better results than they dreamed. They achieve bigger transformation in both their personal life and career in a group setting, in a way that can’t happen  by only working privately with a coach. There’s power in group accountability.  You gain the wisdom that comes from the group and the support of being in a community of like-minded peers. Not to mention…that…

Group coaching is a lot of fun!

Join Robbin and other like-minded entrepreneurs, space is limited, monthly in a relaxed environment for a cup of coffee or tea. At her kitchen table, you’ll work through a coaching process that develops both the entrepreneur and the enterprise.

  • Discover your Leadership Style
  • Embrace your Personality’s Strengths
  • Confirm your Talents
  • And Tap into your Creativity

Together as Venturepreneurs™, you will take your venture from a dream to done. With 25+ years of experience, Robbin McCullen, shares her time tested master plan for running a business in detail. Hear concepts illustrated in story and through real-time focus on worksheets and exercises.

Which ultimately results in success. Let Robbin educate and guide you through a step-by-step process to overcoming the everyday struggles of being an entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.How often and how long does a Venture Club meet?
A.The Venture Club is a twelve week commitment to your business.

Q.Do I have to attend every club meeting?
A. Yes, of course! This is a commitment to your venture. Being sold out, present and engaged is the only way to grow your business.

Q. How much is membership in the Venture Club?
A.The Venture Club is a $1500.00 financial investment in your venture. Entrepreneurs who invest profits back into their business have greater success faster! Entrepreneur magazine supports this idea. Read this article by Brenton Haydon, Warren Buffett Knows It. Reinvesting in Your Business Can Lead to Huge Growth.

In the article Brenton recommends,

“Finally, seek out those with experience and knowledge, and learn from them. Consider investing in a business coach. Sure, it may cost you something in terms of money and time, but learning from others who have experience can often prove to be an invaluable investment. If you can gain support, time and help from others to scale your business, you’ll be significantly ahead.”

Q. Can I talk to Robbin before January 2017 to ask questions and see if this is right for me?
A. Of course! Robbin would love to understand your business venture.

Her heart’s desire is to believe in your venture like you do. Support your venture like you do. And… celebrate every tiny victory along the way.

Call her at 1-980-222-1040 or contact her here!