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Who is your Customer Avatar & What makes them tick?

Who is your Customer Avatar & What makes them tick?

Do you know what makes your customer avatar tick?

First you must understand that a customer avatar is a fictional character that symbolizes your ideal prospect. It is almost impossible to design a marketing strategy without understanding that!

And not every marketing strategy appeals and works for everyone!

So what do you do when your avatar spans across generational eras and have to be marketed to differently?

The key is to understand what makes each avatar “tick” and why!

Learning about the different generational eras, the circumstances surrounding their growth years, and the core values they possess is enlightening. And a precious tool to have when developing your marketing strategy to your ideal avatar.

In the link below, I have designed a free “Who is Your Avatar” resource sheet that summarizes each generational era starting with the Matures and ending with the Gen Z’s. This information will help you determine what marketing tools you should use to reach your different-aged avatars.

Who is your Avatar & What makes them tick?

For example, the Gen Z’s will make up 1/3 of the population by 2020. They will be between the ages of 20-22 yrs old.

Your current business planning should take these statistics into consideration when developing marketing strategies for the future. Is it helpful to know that in 2 1/2 years 33% of the marketplace will consist of this age group? Of course, it is!

How will you tweak your current marketing plan to reach and appeal to the upcoming 20-22 year-old avatar?

In contrast, in 2020, the Baby Boomer generation will be between the ages of 64-75 yrs old. They will make up less than 29% of the population.

This age group may or may not be your ideal avatar. However, it is interesting to note that Baby Boomers are the 1st generation of wealth and abundance. Therefore, it is helpful to know that they have the resources to spend and the desire to share.

Also, this age group believes in hard work and paying your dues and will look to spend their money with businesses that have the same values.

Does your current marketing plan need to be “tweaked” to reduce or increase marketing to this age group due to their increased resources and ability to buy?

What core values will you incorporate and market in your business that will attract this age group?

Who is Your Avatar?

    • Matures
    • Baby Boomers
    • Gen X-er’s
    • Millennials
    • Gen Z’s

Grab your copy of the “Who is My Avatar” resource summary and learn the characteristics and traits of your ideal avatar.

Page 2 of my freebie includes a worksheet of questions to help you clearly identify your ideal avatar.

Knowledge is power!

So grab your free copy today and KNOW YOUR AVATAR!

Click to get your free download of "Who Is Your Avatar?" https://venturecoaching.mykajabi.com/pl/20912


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